Investment Advisory Services


Through my relationship with Avantax Advisory Services, I provide fee based investment management services.  I construct client portfolios primarily through the use of "no load" mutual funds and ETFs.  Funds are selected based on a variety of criteria, but measuring how they have historically performed against their peer group over longer time periods plays a large role in the selection process.  

Developing a diversified portfolio is much like picking an "All Star" team.  You want to have strength at each "position".  There are a variety of asset classes that will make up your investment portfolio, such as Large Cap Growth stocks, Small Cap Value stocks, International Stocks as well as a variety of fixed income funds that include bonds and cash.  

Most of the funds included in client portfolios are "institutional" shares, which generally are less expensive than "retail" shares that individuals purchase. 

Of course, diversification does not assure or guarantee better perfomance, nor can it eliminate the risk of investment losses and historic performance cannot be relied on for future results; each client's situation and risk tolerance is unique.